Ministry Training
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Ministry Training Overview Sue Hampton August 2009
Teamwork Sue Hampton 2008  
Five Fold Overview Sue Hampton May 2006 Eph.2:22, 4:11-12
Keys to Receiving Harvey Hampton August 2007  
Try the Spirits Sue Hampton April 2006
The Anointing Sue Hampton May 2006
An Honest Testimony Sue Hampton December 2007
If There Be A
Sue Hampton March 2009
Out of the Box Sue Hampton July 2009
Acts Chapter One Sue Hampton February 2006
Acts Chapter One Harvey Hampton March 2006
Apostolic Anointing Steve Busuulwa  
Look Onto Jesus Steve Busuulwa  
Know Your Calling Sue Hampton March 2006
Teamwork Sue Hampton October 2008
The Chemistry of Blood Sue Hampton June 2008
Keys to Receive and Advance Harvey Hampton August 2007
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