3 Prayers

Would you like to know Jesus more intimately? Apostle Harvey Hampton formulated the following three prayers to help you do just that. Learn them and pray in your own words, and discover what the Holy Spirit will do in you!

1. Father, please reveal to me Who You really are and what You are truly like, because I really want to know You.  Not Who the world says You are, not Who I think You are through a smorgasbord of different religious beliefs.  But since You are real, please come and reveal Yourself to me in any way You want. 
I really want to know You.            Matthew 22:34-40, Psalm 62:5

2. Father, please reveal to me how You personally see me, think about me, and feel toward me, and what Your plans and dreams and hopes are for my life.                                              Psalm 139.17-18

3. Jesus, whatever it takes, bring me into oneness with You. 
                                                John 17 (Jesus’ own prayer for me.)